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Check out whats on offer. What is Deals oz? We provided great deals for people to do in many cities around the world. We can offer things to do, see, eat, and buy in your city or maybe somewhere that you are going to be visiting. How can we do this? Collective Buying Power or Co-Operative Buying Power has been around for many years. With the internet evolved as it has, people can now use combined buying powers and get better deals with masses of others using the World Wide Web. By allowing businesses to set a minimum number of buyers for their offers we can get discounts to the members of Dealsoz that are normally unheard of. I like today\'s deal - how do I get it? Just click the \"BUY\" button before the offer ends. This means that you are pledging your interest in buying the deal when it goes Active. If the minimum number of people \"BUY\" the deal the deal goes Active. Only then will your credit card be charged and we will send you a link for the voucher. Then you can print your Daily Deals World Wide voucher and claim it when it allows you to do so. If not enough people buy the deal then no on gets the deal and no one is charged. Its at simple as that. Are there any fee\'s to join the community? Nope. Nudda. Nothing. Call us old school but we feel that some things in life, and internet, should be free. We only ask that you register and fill in the registration form totally and get as many people as you can to register for free with us. Do I need to use my Voucher the day I buy it? Usually No. The discounted vouchers have a 24hr period to which they must finish the deal on the site. They can normally be used the direct following day. If you are able to use the voucher on the same day, it will be specified in the deals Fine Print details. Always read the Fine Print before you buy. Now I have bought my deal - how do I use it? Congrats on buying your deal!. Once you\'re charged, you\'ll receive an email with a link to sign in and print your voucher. The Voucher has redemption instructions and a map on it will all of the details. Can I use a deal more than once? This is specific to each retailer and will be specified on the offering. Always read the Fine Print before you buy.

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